OMG there are so many people here! Let me text Bertha and see if she is here.

Wow! This night is going to be Epic! The Music is Awesome and everyone is having a great time! Now all I need to do is find Bertha and Chris.

Okay, why hasn’t she responded to my text message!? She always responds right away. Let me send her a message on Snap Chat. Seriously!? They’re already here and she’s taking pictures all over Chris. WTF!?
So she must have seen my messages and she still isn’t responding- maybe she’s trying to ignore me so that she can have Chris to herself?  Great!  Now I’m going to be alone at a RAVE without any friends!
Maybe I should just call the Uber driver to come pick me up?
“Hey girl! Want to dance with us!? Come on! It’s a RAVE! You are suppose to have fun! YOLO!”

Who the hell is this!? Oh well- they’re right!? Am I going to sit around feeling sorry that my friends ditched me today or am I going to enjoy my life!? I don’t know- I’m not in the mood to dance.

“So are you going to stand around looking angry all day or come dance with me?!”

“I don’t dance with strangers”

“Well my name is Ricky…what’s your name”


“Ok Heidy, now we ain’t strangers no more”…

“LOL! Ok Forrest!”

“See there is a smile! So why are you walking around like someone stole your bicycle?”

“I can’t find my friends. They won’t respond to any of my messages. Well, now I’m not even sure I would call them my friends- it feels like they have been avoiding me all day”

“You sure seem to get bothered by people easily. Who cares if they don’t respond right away, maybe they’re busy!?”

“Who asked you!?”

“See there you are getting mad. I barely made a comment and you got mad. You are easy to mess with. Lighten up! If they aren’t responding, then maybe it’s time to make new friends”

“Are you suggesting I make friends with you? You don’t even know me and you are already passing judgements on me. So what sort of friend are you?”

“Haha, judgements? That’s how you take my invitation to party and forget your troubles? What are you use to friends that feed into your drama, that only tell you what you want to hear!?”

“Sorry, you’re right, I appreciate your invitation. I just have a hard time opening up to new people. It’s hard to know who to trust.”

“Well you won’t learn who to trust, until you start trusting. And if you get fucked over- well- did it kill you or make you stronger!?”

“Wow! Wise and Funny! How do you have it all figure out already?”

“Girl! I’ve been playing that game for a while!”

“What game?”

“The glasses game. I played it last time I was here. It’s back there in the corner.  Do you want to go play!? I can go with you if you want?”

Hmm glasses, didn’t the creepy uber driver mention something about understanding things better once he got his glasses? Maybe he was talking about The Glasses Game?

“Thanks Ricky, but I think I should go on my own. You stay here and have fun dancing.”

“Are you sure, I’m just trying to be a good friend you know!?”

I do know, and I think maybe you are a good friend after all. What do I owe you for all of this wisdom?”

“Haha. Girl you don’t owe me a thing- Friendship can’t be bought!”

“See you around”

This night is getting stranger by the minute. Let me find this game, and find out what these glasses are all about. Maybe it’s the real reason I am here.

Here it is. Let’s see how you play. It says: “Do you ever wonder what it’s all about? Insert 25 cents here.”

Well here goes nothing!

“Hi Heidy- To win the game you will need to pass each level. On this level you will have to look for your friends.”

Oh my God! What is this game!? How does it know my name!? Wow, this looks just like the RAVE I’m at. Is this a real video game or a looking glass of some sort!? What are all of these dollar signs over people’s heads!? What does this have to do with finding my friends?! So weird!
Let me see, let me click on this person. This girl is $50, This girl is $100.  This guy over here looks like Ricky, why is he $0. Hmm.

This girl over here looks like Bertha, she’s $1,000. I wonder why!? Let me click on her and find out.
“Heidy, Every choice has a price. The most expensive things are not always the best things for you. If you are going to win the game you will have to find the glasses so that you know what to look for.”

This is too crazy! What is this game!? Glasses? Why would glasses help me? Where would I find them!?
Maybe I should just try and go find Bertha. I came here to have fun with my friends not to play a crazy game anyway.