The Artist behind The Magic Glasses:

I grew up in a world where women heroes were token representations in pop culture, highly sexualized, or villains. I, as an adult have seen the shift in the world of comics due to the push for feminism in comics because of growing fandom. But I believe the war isn’t over on being a person of color in literature. My culture and other cultures still have many fields of interest left to discover, appreciate, and teach. I love comics because it helped me escape but also gave me hypothetical situations for when I could be at my weakest or strongest. And as an artist outside of being a comic reader, I wanted to see women that acted, looked, and suffered like me. I would comb the bookshelves forever and be lucky for a few good reads or disappointed at the long gaps between new content. I resolved that I needed to take an active role in the way my life as a Filipino American from the little island of Guam was portrayed. So first step was to apply for art school and get rejected. The next step was to find a mentor and eventually become a mentor through numerous collaborations. I have a background in community activism and that fuels my vision for comics and future comic projects. I want to continue publishing independently and online, comics that make people feel good, teach dynamics about our present humanity, and offer a good hearty laugh. I don’t want to be just an artist that draws behind a desk, but one that draws lines connecting artists and writers to me and towards each other.